Best Roadside Assistance Programs for Trucks

Roadside Assistance

Roadside assistance is a convenient perk for many drivers, providing them with fast help for common problems like flats, blowouts, engine troubles, and even running out of gas. A lot of people think of roadside assistance as something for your daily commute, but in reality, long-haul truck drivers can benefit from this service even more than your average driver. Why do semi-trucks benefit so greatly from programs like Arrow Truck Sales’ 24/7 Roadside Assistance, and what are the best programs available for vehicles like these? Keep reading to learn more.

Why Do Semi-Trucks Need Roadside Assistance?

While anyone can benefit from roadside support when their car breaks down, semi-truck drivers are more likely to need to make use of that service than others. The reason for this is quite simple: Truckers are on the road for many more hours daily. The more hours you drive, the more likely you encounter an issue requiring roadside assistance; it’s simple statistics.

Additionally, semi-truck drivers often drive through remote areas where there are no services for hundreds of miles. They cannot simply walk to a nearby service station to get help or call a nearby mechanic’s shop for quick repairs. When you know you’re going to be driving through the middle of nowhere daily, being able to call for help when you need it is essential.

It’s also important to remember that performing your own roadside repairs isn’t typically a viable option when you’re driving a semi. With these vehicles, even a simple flat can be impossible to repair on your own, simply due to the vehicle’s size. In fact, your average mechanic and your typical tow truck aren’t even equipped to handle a semi. So, not only will truckers be more likely to need roadside assistance, but they’ll also need specialized services to ensure that their semi can be properly cared for.

What’s Typically Covered in These Programs?

If you’re shopping for roadside assistance programs for your semi-truck, it’s important to research what’s covered thoroughly. Coverage can vary widely depending on the provider. However, here are the services that are covered through our roadside assistance program with

  • Towing assistance – If your truck breaks down, it will be towed to any repair facility of your choice, up to 50 miles or 2 hours away.
  • Mobile mechanic service – If your breakdown can be resolved on the side of the road instead of calling a tow truck, it will be covered by your mobile mechanic service. Coverage only applies to the service call, up to $100 per occurrence, and does not include the cost of parts, labor, and mileage.
  • Tire delivery assistance – If you need to replace a tire due to a flat or a blowout, roadside assistance will cover the tire delivery cost up to $100. The cost of the tire itself and installation/labor is not included.
  • Flat tire assistance – If you have a flat and a spare tire on hand, this service will cover the cost of calling a professional to remove your flat tire and put on your spare, with a limit of $150.
  • Fluid Delivery Service – Need an emergency supply of oil, water, or other fluid to get your semi running again? These can be delivered to you wherever you may break down and are covered up to $100 per occurrence, excluding the cost of the fluid itself.
  • Fuel Delivery Service – Like the fluid delivery service, fuel delivery brings up to 30 gallons of fuel to you if your vehicle should run out of gas. Up to $100 for the delivery fee will be covered for each delivery.
  • Lockout Assistance – Get locked out of your truck or need a key replaced? You’ll be covered for the cost of lockout service and a new key, up to $100.
  • Battery Assistance – If your battery fails and you need a jumpstart, one can be sent to you and will be covered up to $150. Should you need your battery replaced, you can have a new battery delivered to you, with up to $100 of the delivery fee being covered by roadside assistance. The cost of the battery itself is not covered.
  • Winching & Extricating Assistance – If your truck gets stuck in a ditch or otherwise needs to be extracted from an inaccessible area, an appropriate service vehicle will be sent to help extricate your truck. Up to $100 of this service will be covered.

Again, this is just a basic overview of the roadside assistance we provide through Arrow Truck Sales and our partnership with Their coverage may vary if you elect to use another roadside assistance service.

Benefits of Using Roadside Assistance

The simple fact of the matter is that going without roadside assistance on your semi-truck is a big risk. But, in addition to eliminating that risk, there are many other benefits of using roadside assistance:

  1. 24/7 service – If you break down and try to reach out for help to a local towing company or mechanic’s shop, you might find that they’re already closed for the day. A roadside assistance plan provides 24/7 service no matter where you may be.
  2. Time savings – Being able to get roadside repairs, fast fuel, fluid deliveries, and quick tire replacements can make a huge difference in your delivery schedule. With roadside assistance, you can get back on the road much more quickly so that you don’t fall behind.
  3. Specialized services – As we stated earlier, not every mechanic or every tow truck is equipped to handle a semi’s needs. Enrolling in roadside assistance programs that are made for semis ensures you can get an appropriately sized tow truck, winching equipment, and other services unique to a semi-truck.

What Are the Best Programs?

The best way to find the right program for your needs is to shop around. There are many companies out there that offer roadside assistance for semis, so compare both the coverage and the cost to determine what’s right for you. Arrow Action Services partners with to provide the specialized services you need to get your truck back on the road quickly when breakdowns occur. Contact us today to learn more about our plans and coverage.