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Arrow Prime

|  Truck Driver Benefits Program 

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An Arrow PRIME account is any qualified fleet or industry organization that has agreed to have Arrow as their preferred used truck vendor. With this agreement, their drivers become PRIME members, which entitles them to truck driver benefits, including special discounts, warranties and programs not available to all used truck buyers or programs.

Not sure if your company or organization is a PRIME account? See our list below or ask an Arrow associate!

Just ask an Arrow associate!


Are you a Fleet Manager or Director of Capacity who’s interested in becoming an Arrow PRIME account?

It can be difficult to attract qualified drivers, which is why Arrow developed our PRIME program. PRIME members are are eligible to receive PRIME Perks to help with their purchase from Arrow, which gives you the ability to offer a recruiting edge to attract the most qualified drivers. For more information or to find out how to become a PRIME account, please contact Jim Taber at [email protected].


Arrow Truck PRIME Driver Benefits

When a PRIME Member purchases a used truck or trailer from Arrow Truck Sales, they’ll receive the following PRIME Perks:


FREE 6 month/50,000 mile Warranty on PRIME eligible trucks.

Comprehensive limited coverage includes protection on engine, transmission, rear ends, injectors, fuel pump, turbochargers*, radiator*, ECM module* and more.


$1,000 PRIME Allowance:

Apply $1,000 to 1st payment when truck or trailer is financed through Transport Funding OR take a discount of $1,000 off internet price of truck or trailer.


$500 off purchase of any NTP Warranty.**


Details & Disclaimers

*On 5 model years and newer trucks.

**Must be Gold 12 month/100k Mile coverage or greater.

Benefits for Fleet Owners

When you sign up for an Arrow PRIME account membership, it’s not just your drivers who will benefit. You, as the fleet owner, will also experience the benefits of a PRIME membership.

  1. Attract top-tier drivers – Experienced, reliable drivers can be difficult to come by, especially in the current job market. If you want to attract the top candidates, you need to provide more than just a competitive salary; you need to offer perks and benefits that help you stand out from the competition. The benefits that your drivers receive through the Arrow PRIME Membership Program provide you with that competitive edge, helping bring those top candidates to you.
  2. More coverage on drivers’ trucks – Even if your drivers own their semis themselves, the benefits we offer your drivers benefit your business. By providing a free 6 month/50,000 mile warranty on eligible trucks, and $500 off the purchase of any NTP warranty, we’re encouraging your drivers to get extra protection for their vehicles. This gives you the confidence that your drivers are covered when they’re out on the road, and that their trucks will be quickly repaired and back in working order if something goes wrong.
  3. Better deals on trucks – When you select Arrow as your preferred truck dealer, you’re already getting some of the best deals on used trucks in the country. But as a PRIME member, you’ll also get discounted rates on any trucks you buy for your own fleet, while your drivers who own their trucks will reap that same benefit. It’s a win-win for everyone.

At Arrow Truck Sales, it’s our goal to make finding the right trucks faster, easier, and more affordable for everyone, including fleet owners. Contact us today to learn more about the Arrow PRIME program and how it can benefit you, your business, and your drivers.

How to Become a PRIME Member

Becoming a member of the Arrow Truck PRIME program is as easy as reaching out to us! Simply send an email to Jim Taber at [email protected], and he can provide you with all the information you need about becoming a PRIME member. This program is not available to everyone, so we encourage you to reach out as soon as you can to find out how you can qualify for the program and start giving your drivers all of the incredible benefits that come from being PRIME members.

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