The Value of Transparency

Why is transparency an important factor in used truck buying? While it may feel natural to compare the purchase of a semi-truck to the purchase of a car, the key role a truck plays in your life and livelihood makes its purchase more comparable to a mortgage than anything. With that being the case, it’s easy to see how valuable clear and uncensored information is during (and after) the truck buying experience.

Charles Bowles, the Director of Strategic Initiatives at Commercial Truck Trader, spoke on the value of transparency when he joined us on the Successful Driver Podcast. According to Charles, one important thing that transparency achieves is ensuring that everyone remains on the same page. “Ceteris paribus…all things being equal, everybody is on the same playing field.”

Transparency has taken on a new level of importance with the steady growth of online truck shopping and purchasing. Information is expected to be more readily available online, allowing customers to research their purchase well before a decision is made. “When you’re able to work online and research (and that’s with forums and third-party marketplaces, that’s on dealer websites) you can collect a lot more information that can help drive your decision.”

When the lifeblood of your business is your truck, its vital to ensure that your purchase is well-informed and protected. Arrow’s understanding that time is money is one of the core reasons we work under the tagline of “clear, simple used truck buying”. This process goes beyond truck history, extending to honest discussions about the importance of truck warranties and preventative maintenance. There’s no secret that, when buying a used truck, you need to be prepared for unplanned service requirements. Proper preparation helps mitigate that downtime, making sure you lose out on the smallest amount of time and money as possible.

“It is extraordinarily important to consider service and maintenance as well as price,” Charles said when discussing the importance of a well-informed buying process. “Price almost becomes secondary to these other important features. It’s more than just the price of the truck, you have to be comfortable with the service and the maintenance and the warranty programs associated with them.”

Watch the full episode now to learn more about the importance of transparency and the role Commercial Truck Trader plays in helping drivers find success.