Nathan (nate) Hoch

Retail Sales Consultant

About Me

Thanks so much for checking out my bio. Let me begin by saying that I am completely committed to your success. Besides looking for the best truck or trailer, you have already found the best dealership in America for selling pre-owned truck and trailers. You need to be sure that you have the best guy working for you. That is what I do…besides working for Arrow, I work for you. My success is based on your success. To ensure that you come back again, and send me referrals along the way, which I need to earn, I have to begin by doing everything I can to help ensure your success. That means helping you find the right truck, the right finance, and stand behind it after the sale. Call me today to schedule a test drive for your next truck. I look forward to meeting you soon. Also, if you are in the Moving and Storage industry, I am the National Account representative for the Dallas Branch. Call me today!