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Arrow is all about clear and simple used truck buying.

You can’t be in the industry as long as we have if you aren’t shooting your customers straight. We want to be the semi-truck dealer that gives you the best, most relevant information so you can invest in your business with confidence.

Sell or Trade In Your Used Semi-Truck

Whether you’re getting out of the trucking business or you’re ready to upgrade to a newer model, we know that selling your old semi-truck isn’t always an easy task. The market for these vehicles is a small one, and it’s important to find the right buyer if you want to get the amount your truck is truly worth.

At Arrow Truck Sales, we deal in nothing but semi-trucks. We know what your truck is worth and will give you a fair offer on it if you’re looking to sell. If you’re also in the market for a new semi-truck, you can use your old vehicle as a trade-in, and reduce the upfront cost of your next truck. We purchase and sell semi-trucks of all brands, so no matter what you drive—and no matter what you’re looking for—you can buy and sell with total confidence at Arrow Truck Sales.

Convenient Locations Across the Country

Arrow Truck Sales is a nationally recognized name in the trucking industry, and we have convenient locations all across the country. From the East Coast to the West Coast and many places between, there’s sure to be an Arrow Truck Sales lot in your area. Look for “semi-truck dealer near me” online, or check out our full list of locations across North America here. We have multiple locations throughout the United States and Canada, so find and stop by your nearest Arrow Truck dealer today.

Find Used Semi-Trucks Online

Can’t find an Arrow Truck Sales lot near you? Want to get a better idea of what you’re looking for before you make the trip to one of our physical locations? Each of our lots has a detailed list of the various semi-trucks they have in stock, right here on our website. Just visit the webpage for your desired location and view their current stock to find the semi-truck that’s right for you.

We Make Buying and Selling Semis Easy

At Arrow Truck Sales, we take the hassle out of buying and selling semi-trucks. No matter the manufacturer, the style of cab, or the type of engine under the hood, we can make you a fair offer on your semi-truck, with no games or gimmicks. If you’re in the market for a new truck, we can help you get into your next semi more quickly and easily than anyone else. As we like to say, clear and simple used truck buying is what we’re all about.

used truck


  1. an imperfect piece of commercial equipment that still has a productive life remaining.

A used truck still has a useful life.

It may have dings, dents, scratches and wear but it still has productive value. As a used semi-truck dealer with locations all over the country, we sell used trucks to truckers through a simple and transparent experience.

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Arrow Truck Sales, Inc. was founded in 1950 and has grown to become the leading source of used medium and heavy duty trucks in North America.


We carry all makes and models and supply expertly re-conditioned, road-ready semi-trucks you can count on from our nationwide locations near you. We pride ourselves on personalized customer service, but most importantly, we stand by our trucks.

Most of our semi-truck inventory comes standard with a 90-day / 25,000 mile warranty at no extra cost to you.

We also have solutions to protect your investment with extended warranties, as well as protection and insurance plans and in-house financing for maximum convenience.

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| Industry Partners

What can take a semi-truck dealer from good to great 
are its industry connections.

Arrow Truck Sales takes pride in our partnerships with leading industry businesses, associations and service providers. These valued relationships help us provide you with the best possible trucks and services available.