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Physical Damage Insurance

| Semi-Truck Damage Insurance

Do you need physical damage insurance for your semi?

Arrow Truck Sales is dedicated to serving the trucking community across the country to help protect them not just through the road’s ups, but the downs, too. Having semi-truck physical damage insurance can cover you when other insurance or warranties don’t, which can be important when something happens. After all, your truck is your livelihood and your investment. Do you have enough available cash to replace your truck if it were damaged, non-drivable or totaled?

What Does Physical Damage Insurance Cover?

We know that your semi-truck isn’t just a vehicle. It’s essential equipment for your job, a part of your lifestyle, a cornerstone of your livelihood, and the foundation on which you build your future. When your semi is damaged, it can majorly affect your income, lifestyle, and family. That’s why we offer physical damage insurance coverage for semi-trucks and trailers that are financed through Transport Funding, LLC. Our coverage is simple, effective, and designed to meet the insurance requirements for that financing agreement.

Coverage includes collision and comprehensive coverage for the actual cash value of the truck or trailer, helping to ensure that your investment is protected in the event of damage. We also include a towing and storage expense of $10,000 each. This coverage is offered at a custom quoted rate and guaranteed for the entire term of the finance contract, so you never have to worry about rate increases for as long as your semi is financed.

Need a quote for physical damage insurance on your semi-truck? Contact Arrow Truck Sales today to learn more about our semi-truck damage insurance plans.


Physical Damage Insurance

Arrow’s In-Contract Physical Damage Insurance provides physical damage insurance coverage for trucks and trailers financed through Transport Funding, LLC. The coverage is simple, effective and designed to meet the insurance requirements of your finance agreement.


Collision and Comprehensive Coverage:

Actual Cash Value


Towing and Storage Expense:

$10,000 each





Our Quoted rate:

Guaranteed for the term of the finance contract and cannot increase


No driver MVR checks and no policy fees of any kind


Premium may be included in the finance contract for one convenient monthly payment and no additional down payment

Guaranteed for the term of the finance contract and cannot increase

Why Should You Purchase Physical Damage Insurance?

As we stated earlier, your semi-truck is an investment, and damage to it can also cause serious damage to your trucking career. Unfortunately, your existing insurance and warranties don’t cover everything. Physical damage insurance can help fill the gaps and ensure that your semi-truck is protected from damage in as many circumstances as possible.

You can get the financing you need without purchasing additional insurance plans that offer more coverage than you truly need. Additionally, trucks and trailers financed by Transport Funding, LLC, have minimum insurance requirements. Our physical damage insurance is specifically designed to meet those requirements as simply and effectively as possible while keeping your costs low.

Start Protecting Your Truck Today

Your semi-truck works under grueling conditions every day, putting in thousands of miles on the road in various conditions. The potential for damage to your truck is high, so it’s important to provide it with the protection it deserves. This can help you get the repairs you need to be done more quickly, with little to no cost out of your pocket. Contact Arrow Truck Sales today to learn more about our semi-truck damage insurance and get a quote for your customized insurance plan.

Interested in learning more?

Whether you need to replace a current physical damage policy or you’re shopping for the first time, the team at Arrow Truck Sales is dedicated to providing you with high quality customer service. Reach out today for more details or to ask a question about coverage!


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Arrow’s In-Contract PD is limited to physical damage property insurance and does not include primary trucking or Non-Trucking Liability protection. Insurance policies are issued by independent insurance companies. This summary is for general reference only, does not guarantee coverage and is for informational purposes only. It should not be relied upon by any person or entity as evidence of the existence of insurance coverage. The general coverage descriptions are abbreviated. See policy for coverage details. Arrow Truck Sales is not responsible for typographical errors.