Navigating a Changing Truck Market

The trucking industry has seen a lot of changes over the last few years. From the start of the pandemic to the aftermath we’re experiencing as an industry now, businesses have come and gone, spot rates have changed, truck prices have fluctuated.

In the height of the market, some companies made business decisions in pursuit of near-term profit. The downside of those decisions created unnecessary financial risk and put their customers and their own businesses in jeopardy.  As a result, we’ve unfortunately seen many customers and some businesses forced to cease operation.

Arrow is still here. We’ve been here for nearly 75 years. And we intend to be here for the next 75 and beyond. Here’s what you need to know about how Arrow does business.

How has Arrow navigated a challenging truck market?

Like we have for 75 years: consistently and responsibly. Arrow has been through difficult markets countless times in our 75-year history. We have experienced a lot of cycles, sudden changes, and difficult moments in the history of trucking. We don’t chase a quick profit, and continually ensure we are buying quality used trucks that will perform well for our customers. We are principled, and always will be.

How has Arrow sustained business for as long as they have? 

Our longevity can be tied to our history of sound, customer-focused decision making. We want to place customers in trucks we stand by, and trucks that they can afford. We do right by our customers.

How does Arrow help the used truck industry grow?

The health of the trucking industry in Arrow’s eyes relies on a win-win scenario for both truck driver and truck seller. We strive to provide quality trucks that can fit the budget of truck drivers. We offer a variety of protection plans to help keep you successful and out on the road. Our success hinges on our customer’s success.

What is the most important thing to consider when purchasing a used truck in this market?

Transparency. We know we are selling a used truck, and we don’t hide from that. We are honest and upfront with expectations, stand by our road-ready trucks, and offer best-in-class products to help protect your investment.