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Are you fully covered?

Did you know that if you suffer the total loss or unrecovered theft of your truck, your insurance company will only pay the actual cash value of your truck, which may not be enough to pay off your remaining loan balance? Arrow’s Gap Protection covers the difference, so you won’t still owe money on an asset that no longer exists.

In the event of a total loss or unrecovered theft, your insurance company will most likely settle your claim based on the truck’s actual cash value or stated value, leaving you to deal with the “gap,” or unpaid balance of your loan.

What Does Gap Insurance Cover?

Unlike most types of vehicle insurance, semi-truck gap protection does not protect against certain types of damage or pay for specific repairs. Rather, this type of insurance is intended to be a failsafe to ensure that you don’t end up paying for a semi-truck that you no longer have. For example, let’s say that your semi-truck is totaled in a rollover accident. You’re not seriously injured, but your truck isn’t salvageable. Your insurance pays out the cash value of the semi—but you owed more than what it was worth. Now, you’re left paying the remainder of the loan on a truck that’s already been hauled to a junkyard.

If you had gap insurance, however, that plan would pay any remaining amount on your semi-truck loan so that you’re not left with the debt on a totaled truck. In this way, gap insurance is not insurance for the truck itself as it is insurance for the loan. At Arrow Truck Sales, we offer this type of plan for a low monthly cost, which we can quote to you based on the value of your truck and the size of your loan. Contact us today to get your custom quote for gap insurance coverage. You can also learn more about the benefits of gap insurance and an example of how it works below.


Why purchase truck gap insurance?

For several months after you buy your truck, it will depreciate faster than you pay down your loan, creating a ‘gap’ between the value of the truck and the loan balance. Gap Protection covers the financial gap between your primary insurance company’s settlement on a total loss or unrecovered theft and the remaining balance of your loan.


GAP Protection

GAP Protection covers the gap between the Actual Cash Value of your truck or trailer and the remaining loan balance in the event of a total loss or unrecovered theft


GAP Protection covers

Primary insurance deductible up to $2,500, where allowed by law


Loans may be covered up to:

$85,000 and 60 months


Low monthly cost

Example of Gap Protection

  • Loan Term 60 months
  • Loan Amount $40,000
  • Loss Occurs 12 months
Truck Gap Protection

Insurance Settlement

  • (Actual cash value of vehicle) $29,600
  • Loan Balance $34,825
  • What You Still Owe $5,225
  • Potential Out-of-Pocket Expense $5,225
  • Gap Protection Payment to Lender $5,225
  • Your Net Cost $0
Commercial Truck Insurance Settlement

Is Gap Insurance Right for You?

As with any insurance plan, gap insurance is a balancing act between risk, reward, and cost. Of course, there is the distinct possibility that you will pay into gap protecting and never use it. But on the other hand, there’s the chance that you could total a relatively new semi-truck or have it stolen and never recovered; depending on your truck’s value and your remaining loan balance, you could end up owing tens of thousands of dollars on a truck that no longer exists. Is this a risk that you can take with your career and your livelihood?

While gap insurance might be considered optional for commuters, it’s much more vital for truckers who rely on their semis for income. No work-from-home option or public transportation is available to help you do your job daily. You need your truck, and if you’re stuck paying out a loan for a truck that’s lost to you, it can feel impossible to afford a new semi to get you back on your feet.

Contact Arrow Truck Sales today to learn more about our gap insurance coverage and how it can benefit you.

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The team at Arrow Truck Sales is here to serve you. If you’re interested in purchasing gap insurance, please don’t hesitate to reach out and we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions and get you on the path to true financial security.



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This information is not a contract. For a complete list of benefits and rules please request a copy of the Gap Waiver Election Form (or the Gap Certificate for loans in Texas). Deductible coverage is available in most states. Check with your Arrow representative to learn whether deductible coverage will apply to your loan. Administered by Berkshire Risk Services LLC. Arrow Truck Sales is not responsible for typographical errors.