Can You Hack the Truck Driver Lifestyle?

Making the choice to be a commercial truck driver is not something to rush into. Truck driving presents a unique lifestyle for those who do it, perhaps even more than other career choices. As with any job, you should consider the hours, benefits, location, job security, and earning potential.

Along with these factors, knowing the pros and cons of truck driving will contribute to your final decision. Just remember, what’s a problem for one person may be a benefit for another. The most vital part of this process is asking yourself questions so you know your own preferences.

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Live to Drive Another Day: 12 Tricks to Stay Awake on the Road

Imagine a long, empty stretch of highway without a city in sight. There’s nothing to see but endless miles of road. After a while, the empty landscape racing on either side of you becomes hypnotic. It’s late, and you’ve been driving for hours. Slowly your eyelids become heavier and heavier. Your fight against falling sleep seems like a hopeless battle.

Sound familiar?

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Making Sure Your Truck Drivers Get Enough Sleep

If you manage a truck fleet, you know it’s important for your drivers to get the rest they need. This is not only best practice for the industry but also a federal law. An impaired driver should never operate a commercial vehicle. Driver impairments includes sickness, mental fatigue, and sleep deprivation.

But how do you make sure you drivers are getting the sleep they need? Is there anything they can do to decrease impairment? Listed below are a number of ways your drivers can get the rest they need, stay healthy, and avoid incident and impairment. Continue reading “Making Sure Your Truck Drivers Get Enough Sleep”

When the Trucks Stop, America Stops: The Importance of Truckers in America

 When you drive on freeways and highways, you see semi-trucks all the time. You probably see them so often that you may think nothing of it. But did you know that the economy relies so heavily on the trucking industry that you could confidently call truckers the backbone of America?

Trucking drives the economy by allowing companies to ship goods and services from coast to coast. Consumers have access to the goods they need, and companies can expand their businesses, leading to more locations, more jobs, and still more goods. Thanks to the trucking industry, local and nationwide economies can boom and flourish. Continue reading “When the Trucks Stop, America Stops: The Importance of Truckers in America”

How to Buy a Used Truck

Thinking about new equipment for your business? Want to upgrade the equipment you already own? If you have considered investing in a new rig and don’t know where to begin, your search starts here.

Finding the Right Rig

The best place to start with any major investment is to ask yourself questions. What do you plan to use your truck for? How much do you have to spend? If you want to upgrade, make a list of improvements you would make to the current equipment you have. This should give you a clearer picture of what make and model you should buy to meet your needs and your budget. Continue reading “How to Buy a Used Truck”

Tried and True Tips for First-Time Truckers

Congratulations! You passed driver’s school and you landed a new job as a trucker. You’ve packed your gear, grabbed your keys, and you’re ready to hit the road.

Or are you?

If you’re a first-time trucker, it can be difficult to adjust to your new lifestyle. Long hours on the road and limited interaction with your friends and family can be intimidating. You’ll need to make a lot of changes during the first few weeks and months as a trucker, but hopefully these tips and tricks will help you tough it out. Continue reading “Tried and True Tips for First-Time Truckers”

Why Buy New When You Can Buy Used? 3 Advantages You Haven’t Considered

There are a few obvious benefits that come from buying a used truck: there’s the lower price tag and insurance rate, just to name a few. But what other advantages are you missing out on by buying a new vehicle? Here are three you may not have considered:

1. Certification Programs

Most manufacturers have implemented certified pre-owned programs for their used vehicles. While the price tag on a CPO vehicle may be higher than the typical used vehicle, there are a variety of benefits that make up the cost, including: Continue reading “Why Buy New When You Can Buy Used? 3 Advantages You Haven’t Considered”

Seven Health Tips Every Truck Driver Should Know

You need your trucking fleet or company to run like a well-oiled machine. You want all your deliveries to arrive on time, and you don’t want any major accidents to slow you down. However, only your drivers have control over what happens out on the road. They make the decisions that keep shipments and vehicles safe.

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As an Owner-Operator, is Incorporation Right For You?

You are a proud owner-operator. Your truck is a source of immense pride. You keep it clean and maintain both what is in the cab and under the hood. You realize that your truck is an investment. As an owner-operator, your big rig is your source of income. It is the tool of your trade; the means you use it to feed yourself and your family.

You want to make sure that your investment allows you to “bring home the bacon.” You may have pondered integration and wondered what classification will help you enjoy maximum profit. Continue reading “As an Owner-Operator, is Incorporation Right For You?”