Alleviate the Aches and Pains of Frequent Driving with These 6 Tips

To keep your fleet running efficiently, your truck drivers must spend a lot of time out on the open road. While this job offers freedom, chances for personal advancement, and travel, long periods behind the wheel can also wreak havoc on your drivers’ bodies.

Injured and achy drivers are more likely to make mistakes, which increases the risk of accidents, missed deadlines, and further injury. In fact, 41% of accidents involving semis are due to driver recognition factors or physical factors that affect the driver-like chronic pain. Help your drivers alleviate the negative side effects of frequent driving through the following methods.

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Updated Truck and Bus Rule Compliance Certificates Available

Last Updated November 5, 2012

This summary describes how to obtain a certificate of reporting and how brokers, motor carriers, contractors, public agencies, developers, and others must verify the fleets they hire or dispatch are in compliance with the Truck and Bus regulation. The regulation does not apply to state and local government vehicles, most solid waste collection trucks, drayage trucks that transport marine cargo, and public transit buses because they are already subject to other regulations.

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How Truckers can Stay Safe on the Road in Extreme Weather

As an owner/operator or a leased-on driver, you know you need to work hard to protect yourself and your trucks while driving and keep other drivers on the road safe. All D.O.T certified drivers have passed safety training courses to obtain their CDL licenses, and you have complete faith in your fellow drivers to drive safely.

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Eight Steps to Cleaning Your Semi-Truck’s Interior

Keeping a semi-truck clean is a big job. When truckers spend so much time on the road, they have little cleaning time, and they live in a fairly limited space. That means the truck’s cabin can get messy pretty fast.

Why is keeping your truck clean so important? For one thing, it helps make a good impression as you travel across the country…you’re a professional driver and you want to project that image to everyone. Additionally, it vastly increases your trucks’ future resale values. If you’re planning on selling your truck and upgrading at a future date, you can’t afford not to keep your truck spotlessly clean.

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Can You Hack the Truck Driver Lifestyle?

Making the choice to be a commercial truck driver is not something to rush into. Truck driving presents a unique lifestyle for those who do it, perhaps even more than other career choices. As with any job, you should consider the hours, benefits, location, job security, and earning potential.

Along with these factors, knowing the pros and cons of truck driving will contribute to your final decision. Just remember, what’s a problem for one person may be a benefit for another. The most vital part of this process is asking yourself questions so you know your own preferences.

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Live to Drive Another Day: 12 Tricks to Stay Awake on the Road

Imagine a long, empty stretch of highway without a city in sight. There’s nothing to see but endless miles of road. After a while, the empty landscape racing on either side of you becomes hypnotic. It’s late, and you’ve been driving for hours. Slowly your eyelids become heavier and heavier. Your fight against falling sleep seems like a hopeless battle.

Sound familiar?

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Making Sure Your Truck Drivers Get Enough Sleep

If you manage a truck fleet, you know it’s important for your drivers to get the rest they need. This is not only best practice for the industry but also a federal law. An impaired driver should never operate a commercial vehicle. Driver impairments includes sickness, mental fatigue, and sleep deprivation.

But how do you make sure you drivers are getting the sleep they need? Is there anything they can do to decrease impairment? Listed below are a number of ways your drivers can get the rest they need, stay healthy, and avoid incident and impairment. Continue reading “Making Sure Your Truck Drivers Get Enough Sleep”