What It Takes to Be a Hazmat-Certified Driver

Every day, professional truck drivers are tasked with hauling a wide variety of goods and materials throughout the country. These goods run the gamut from raw and unfinished materials to produce, appliances, electronics, livestock, machinery, and motorized vehicles. Nearly every product used by the average public has been entrusted in the careful hands of a long-haul trucker at some point. Continue reading “What It Takes to Be a Hazmat-Certified Driver”

How to Prevent Toll Costs From Taking a Toll

For commuters, toll roads can be a daily irritation and costly inconvience. For long-haul truckers, however, toll roads can significantly shift profit margins, especially for inexperienced owner-operators who are not yet familiar with best practices for calculating and dealing with toll costs.

The National Conference of State Legislators (NCSL) most recent report on tolling showed that more than half of the United States — 33 states total, reaching from Alaska to Florida — have active tolling facilities. Another 9 states, including Oregon, New Mexico, and Tennessee have laws that authorize tolling despite having no current facilities. Continue reading “How to Prevent Toll Costs From Taking a Toll”

Arrow Truck Sales Relocates in Cincinnati

Kansas City, MO (June, 2018) Arrow Truck Sales, Inc., a leading retailer of used trucks across North America, announced the relocation of their Cincinnati, OH retail sales office to 11920 Mosteller Road, Sharonville, OH. This new facility, conveniently located near the intersections of I-75 and I-275, will be shared by Arrow’s long-time business partner TNT Services. The new location provides customers with semi-trucks and trailers easy access via four-lane thoroughfares and is located at Exit 44 on I-275, then just north on Mosteller Road.

“Arrow has been proudly serving the Cincinnati and surrounding areas since 1989,” said Chad Fine, Arrow’s Branch Manager since 2009. “We’ve built a solid reputation and lasting relationships with a wide base of customers.” Mr. Fine stated that he and his team are excited that the new facility will give their customers an opportunity to visit the ample, well-lighted lot and inspect a wide variety of available inventory at a modern, upgraded facility. Continue reading “Arrow Truck Sales Relocates in Cincinnati”

How to Prepare for Your First Summer as a Truck Driver

Truck driving offers a consistent income throughout the entire year, regardless of the weather. Most new truck drivers know to expect difficulties as they take to the road during the winter. However, just because summer doesn’t threaten black ice and blizzards doesn’t mean that summer driving doesn’t require specific precautions.

As you anticipate summer long hauls, you should take steps to ensure that you and your truck are prepared for the challenges of extreme heat and unforgiving direct sunlight for every mile of your route.

In this blog, we discuss the fundamental steps you can take to ensure that you weather your first summer as a truck driver — and every future summer as well — with as few issues as possible. Continue reading “How to Prepare for Your First Summer as a Truck Driver”

Winner Announced in WIT ‘2018 Truck Giveaway’ Sponsored by Arrow Truck Sales

Louisville, KY: March 24, 2018. The winner of Women In Trucking’s ‘2018 Truck Giveaway, sponsored by Arrow Truck Sales, was announced at the “Salute to Women Behind the Wheel” event at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, KY on March 24, 2018.  Tiffany Hanna, WIT member, and professional driver and trainer at Prime, Inc. is now the proud owner of this 2014 Volvo VNL 670 truck, donated by Arrow. Continue reading “Winner Announced in WIT ‘2018 Truck Giveaway’ Sponsored by Arrow Truck Sales”

3 Ways to Make the Road Your Home Away From Home

When adjusting to a career, everyone wants job satisfaction. It’s no secret that what determines this satisfaction is a person’s ability to find a comfortable balance between work and home life. Although this balancing act is something every working person has to manage, those in the trucking industry are especially affected.
Continue reading “3 Ways to Make the Road Your Home Away From Home”

A Guide to Runaway Truck Ramps and Locations Where You May Need One

Runaway truck ramps are important highway features for truckers driving in mountainous areas. Familiarize yourself with the locations of ramps wherever you are hauling goods on roads with steep grades. Here is a quick guide to runaway truck ramps and four locations where you may need to use one.

Continue reading “A Guide to Runaway Truck Ramps and Locations Where You May Need One”