A Trucker’s Guide To Staying Cool During Warm Travel Months

White Truck on Road

As warmer months and weather arrives, truckers must deal with long hours and a lot of heat on the road. While trucks are often equipped with air conditioning, the blast of cool air alone may not be enough to keep a trucker comfortable during travels. With a set plan, a driver has the ability to remain cooled down while on the road.

A reduction of sweat can lead to more comfort while driving and make the long distances a lot more bearable. If you’re a trucker, follow this guide to ways to stay cool while on the open road and get through the summer months with ease.

Cooling Cushion

While an air conditioner provides direct cooling for the front of your body, your backside does not feel the impact of the cool air. You may often find yourself driving with a sweaty back or sweaty legs. Improve the cool factor with a cooling cushion in the truck.

A cooling cushion will connect to a USB port or AUX port and provides a cooling sensation to your whole body. The cushion will help remove warmth from your body and reduce the amount of sweat you have for long drives. The cushion itself can also provide extra comfort and support for your back and tailbone.

When you start the truck and the air conditioner kicks on, the cooling cushion will as well so you can have instant relief. During the day, sunshine can create a lot of heat on your seat, but the cushion will help alleviate the heat and provide extra cooling.

Cooling Socks & Apparel

As you drive, your feet do a lot of work and could get sweaty on hot days. When you have to get out of the truck, your feet no longer have the luxury of air conditioning. Keep your feet cool and sweat-free with cooling socks. The socks can wick up moisture and provide a lot of airflow for your feet.

Extend the cooling technology to other clothes you wear. A cooling shirt can provide a lot of comfort and will not just soak up sweat. You do not want to worry about damp clothes as you drive for hours at a time.

Neck Cooler

Provide direct relief to your body with a neck cooler. A lightweight device, this cooler works like a small air conditioner around your neck. Your body will cool down and prevent sweat around your head and neck area. Shop for a lightweight neck cooler so you do not have too much strain on the neck.

Many of the neck coolers can recharge through a USB port so you do not need to worry about bringing extra batteries with you on the trip. A neck cooler works well while you drive, but also helps when you are outside of the truck. If you go from an air-conditioned truck cab to the blaring heat, you may instantly sweat.

A neck cooler makes the transition a lot easier and the hands-free aspect allows you to unload the truck or complete other tasks as needed.

Can Chiller

During a long and hot drive, a refreshing drink can go a long way. Instead of waiting for the next rest stop, consider your own device hooked up in the truck. A can chiller is a small fridge made specifically to hold canned drinks. Keep drinks chilled as you drive and cool your body down with a cold drink.

For example, you could put cans of sparkling water in the chiller. Soda beverages are also refreshing on the road and can provide a nice kick of caffeine. If you have a truck with an extended cab, then you may have a permanent spot to store a mini-fridge and have access to a lot of beverages.

Each time you grab a drink, you can refill the fridge and always have a fresh supply.

Cooling Blankets & Pillows

Long-distance truckers may rely on sleeper cabs to get through trips. While in your sleeper cab, you want to stay cool and comfortable from the outside heat. The small spaces in the cabs can make the area feel warmer as well. Find help with cooling blankets and pillows. Their lightweight design reduces the amount of heat and still provides comfort.

Many cooling blankets are made with a bamboo fabric that helps regular air and prevents sweating. Without quick shower access, you do not want to sweat all night and then have to drive again after your sleep. Pair a cooling blanket with a cooling pillow.

A cooling pillow will help prevent your head from sweating and provide relief as you lay down for extended periods of time.

Find a truck with air conditioning to get through the warm months. Shop with us at Arrow Truck Sales and we will provide you with excellent service and trucks with features that meet your needs.