A Trucker’s Guide to Infomercial Products & Their Uses

Being prepared on the road is essential for a trucker. The right tools and products will prevent delays and ensure the trip goes smoothly. As you prepare your truck for long travels, one way to shop for items is through infomercials. Also referred to as “As Seen On TV” products, infomercial items include a wide range of gear, gadgets, and novelty items.

When you know what to look for, you can make the most out of the products and find some useful items for the road. Check out this guide to learn what infomercials are geared towards truckers and how to get the most out of these helpful products.


Comfort is important on the road and infomercials have a lot of items geared towards body relaxation. For your driver’s seat, consider an infomercial seat cushion. A variety of cushion products include soft layers and support to prevent aches and tailbone pains. Some cushions will provide proper body posture to prevent spine and muscle pains.

When you’re not actively driving, consider infomercial pillows. Travel pillows will include neck pillows for extra support or battery-operated heat pillows to provide comfort. Consider the purchase of lap pillows with built-in straps to prop up media devices like phones and tablets. During a rest, the lap pillow allows you to lay down and easily watch content.

Portable Lights

If you park a truck overnight, consider portable lights so you do not need to rely on a truck’s battery to provide power and illumination. Portable infomercial lights include a lot of options. Many of the lights tout their long-lasting ability due to low-power LED bulbs. Consider a light you stick to the wall and can easily turn on and off.

A portable flashlight may contain rechargeable batteries or come with a wind-up handle that provides extra power and charge when you manually crank the light. A small light will save your phone’s battery power so you don’t have to rely on the phone flashlight at night.

Windshield Items

A clear windshield makes a world of difference when driving on the road. Dirt, dust, rain, and bugs all create visual hazards. A lot of infomercial products can help minimize visual distractions. Look for a windshield solution that clears up the glass and provides a layer for rainwater to easily run off. When rain dissipates quickly, the glass remains clear.

Windshield cleaners provide long handles to easily reach the glass so you can quickly clean your truck when you park at a rest stop. The extended handle will help reach the side areas where windshield wipers cannot access.

For cold weather situations, look for heated elements. One example includes a heated ice scraper. The heated edges will help melt away layers of ice and allow you to get on the road faster with a cleared windshield. Many of the items are portable or fold up so you can store them inside a truck cab without taking up too much space.

Organization Products

After several weeks or months on the road, you will realize how quickly clutter builds up inside a truck cab. Shop for infomercial products with a focus on organization. A variety of products include quick hook options that are made for vehicles or homes. With organizational hooks, you can hang up jackets, bags, and other accessories.

A travel organizer with multiple pockets and open spaces can hang right behind your driver’s seat. The organizer is an easy place to store snacks, drinks, maps, or small devices. Truck cabs are a lot different than vehicles, so make sure the products will work well within a truck cab before making your purchase.

Microwave Products

If you plan to purchase a sleeper cab for your time on the road, then you may have a small kitchenette area with a built-in microwave. When food is just placed on a plate inside a microwave, you may not have optimal cook options. Infomercial microwave products will help you expand your travel menu and cook foods properly.

Microwave products generally feature a specific cooking option. For example, some are designed to make food crispy while others are made to steam foods like vegetables. Many of the options include single-serving options so you do not waste food while you cook for yourself on the road.

For example, if you enjoy instant noodles, then you could purchase an instant noodle cooker that is shaped to properly cook the meal without the need to boil water. Several products cater to specific foods. You could purchase an egg cooker, taco cooker, or a bacon cooker. If you have specific foods you eat often, then an extra accessory will come in handy.

To save space, you can store the items right inside the microwave when the appliance is not in use.

Consider multiple infomercial products as you shop for a truck with us at Arrow Truck Sales. Once you find a make and model you love, you can go all-in with infomercial products and purchase items that will make life a lot easier on the open road.