Some Useful Pocket Tools for Truckers

As a trucker, you never know where you’ll end up needing a tool or assistance. Truck stops have limited resources and life on the road is made a lot easier when you have the tools you need. Along with big standard tools, plenty of pocket tools and quick options will make your life more manageable on the road.

A collection of pocket tools will not only provide you with repair options, but many of the tools will help with everyday tasks as you travel from stop to stop on the open road. Check out this guide to learn about some of your tool options and their uses on the road.


One of the quickest and most efficient tools to bring with you on the road is a multi-tool. The fold-up tools include a lot of compact options. Tools vary by design, but some of the more common options include scissors, knives, screwdrivers, and pliers. A multi-tool provides quick repairs options but also has everyday uses.

For example, if you purchase fresh fruit for the road, a multi-tool is ideal for peeling and slicing the fruit. After driving for a few months, you will have a good idea of what tools you use on a regular basis. From there, you can upgrade your multi-tool to include the exact tools you need for the road.

Credit Card-Sized Multi-Tools

An alternate version of the multi-tool is a credit card-sized multi-tool. A flat multi-tool includes different edges and flip-out options. Some of the edges may include sharp edges or jagged edges like a small saw blade. The tools are typically made of durable metal to provide strength. These tools also include cut-out shapes in common bolt sizes to help loosen and tighten various bolts.

The tool is easy to keep in a wallet and pull out in a pinch.

Tire Gauges

Air pressure is an essential part of operating a big truck. If your tires have low pressure, you run the risk of a tire popping or lowering your gas mileage and driving efficiency. One of the quickest ways to check the tire pressure on your truck is with a tire gauge. Pocket versions allow you to quickly check the air pressure without the need for a big rig or professional help.

Some of the more advanced pocket gauges include a digital screen. The digital reading takes the guesswork out of a tire gauge and will give you accurate results. Some of the screens feature backlit LCD screens that allow you to see pressure when you check in dark conditions.

Hex Keys

When you need to make adjustments or remove bolts, you may run into frustrations when you do not have the proper size. A hex key tool includes a collection of the most sizes for hex bolts. When you use the properly sized tool, you can make adjustments easily and can avoid stripping bolts.

Each tool on a hex key can flip outwards to access the hex bolts one at a time. As you shop for hex keys, look for ones with at least ten different sizes. Some sets will include both metric and standard sizes for the hex key.

LED Lights

Advancements in LED lights have created small pocket lights that provide powerful beams and illumination. The lights come in handy when you need to inspect and check your truck at night. Choose from handheld lights or keychain lights you can quickly access.

A small LED headlamp provides a hands-free option when you have to crawl under the truck or need to use multiple tools. LED lights are also useful during the day. Many areas of the truck block out natural sunlight and create areas that are hard to see.

Along with the LED lights, consider an extra stash of backup batteries to help power the lights. You can also shop for LED lights with rechargeable batteries so you can charge the lights while you travel on the road.

Tool Organizer

Pocket tools are easy to lose. The last thing you want is to have a convenient tool get jammed in your seat or just go missing. When you purchase pocket tools, consider an easy way to organize all the tools in one place. If you want an enclosed space, shop for small plastic tackle boxes usually reserved for fishing.

A tackle box typically opens up to reveal multiple layers for easy storage. The clips to hold a tackle box shut will prevent the tools from falling out while you drive. If you purchase a truck with a sleeper cabin, then consider a make-up organizer. The open sections of the organizer are easy to place tools in. Keep the organizer inside a cabinet and grab a tool when needed.

For all of your truck needs, contact us at Arrow Truck Sales. We can help you find day trucks and sleeper cabs and give you tips on tools and accessories. The more prepared you are for the open road, the more easily you’ll be able to handle any situation.