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The Kenworth semi-truck company was founded in Washington State in 1923. Since 1945, Kenworth has been a subsidiary of PACCAR along with its sister company and rival Peterbilt Motors. Kenworth is a pioneer in the industry, being the first to offer a raised-roof sleeper cab design as well as a more aerodynamic body shape. The Kenworth W900 semi has been in continuous production since 1961, making it one of the longest automotive production runs in history. Kenworths also have a reputation for durability; many models have been known to keep on running even when mileage creeps above 750,000 miles with diligent maintenance.

Today, the most popular Kenworth is probably the T680, a truck that consistently wins awards for being best in its class.

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Kenworth trucks are built at assembly plants in Renton, WA, and Chillicothe, OH, in the United States and Ste. Therese, Quebec, in Canada. The PACCAR MX-13 engines are assembled in the US at the PACCAR Engine Company facility in Columbus, MS.


On average, Kenworth trucks deliver horsepower ratings from 260 to 600 hp, with the MX engines delivering the most power. The torque on Kenworth trucks ranges between 1,450 to 1,850 lb-ft. Both Kenworth and Peterbilt are equipped with PACCAR engines that can withstand any challenge you throw at them and haul heavy cargo as far as you need to go.

Fuel Consumption & Efficiency

The T680 Class 8 semi-truck is built for efficiency. It’s made from lightweight materials, it has an aerodynamic body design, and is equipped with smart systems that help the engine and driver make the best decisions in every condition. Multiple tests show this truck consistently saves money on fuel over other comparable trucks in its class. Plus, the light weight of the cab frees more capacity for cargo, a benefit that’s sure to boost your bottom line.

Comfort, Safety, and Style

What’s the one thing drivers love best about Kenworth? The seat that accommodates drivers of all shapes and sizes. That, plus easy-turn handles, noise control, adaptive cruise control, and spacious sleeping spaces make a Kenworth a pleasure to drive. A Kenworth is safe, too, with tons of advanced features built in to improve performance and ensure the driver is fully aware of what’s ahead.