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Used vs. New Cost Savings Calculator

Why should I buy used?”

Buying a used semi-trailer isn’t right for everyone—but it could be for you.

Although new trucks cost less to operate and maintain, the initial purchase price, F.E.T., and higher insurance costs of that new semi-trailer means higher initial investment and higher cost per mile. When you consider all operating costs at a high level (maintenance, fuel, taxes, insurance and depreciation) you can significantly reduce the cost of ownership with the purchase of used equipment!


Calculate your Savings

Our Used v. New Cost Calculator can provide you with an estimate of your potential cost savings by purchasing a used semi-trailer.

Used v. New Cost Calculator



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What are my next steps?

Give us a call to speak with one of our sales professionals about the financial advantages of buying a used semi-trailer. Ready to start shopping? Check out our current inventory and get your business started on the right track.


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This savings calculator is merely a general guide. Arrow Truck Sales does not guarantee the actual maintenance and MPG costs. There are a variety of variables that contribute to the costs of owning and operating both a new AND used semi-trailer, including driving habits, speed, tire pressure, maintenance, etc. Arrow Truck Sales makes no claims, guarantees or warranties regarding this savings calculator. Additionally, Arrow is not liable for the final results of the calculator. This worksheet is intended for estimate only. Estimates based on a 3-model year old truck. Maintenance cost estimates sources: ATBS and Research from Randall/Reilly Co.