What Truckers Should Know About Clearing Rig-Top Ice and Snow

While spring is on its way in many areas of the U.S., snow will continue to fall in many locations. If you’re a trucker who routinely drives in snowy, frozen conditions, your truck and trailer can pose a hazard to other drivers (and you) if snow and ice build up on top of your rig. Here’s what you should know about keeping your semi and trailer clear of ice and snow. Continue reading “What Truckers Should Know About Clearing Rig-Top Ice and Snow”

6 Fatigue-Fighting Tips for Long-Haul Truckers

Starting a trucking career as an owner/operator is an exciting thing. Something about being behind the wheel of a big rig and hitting the road for a long-haul route appeals to many people. But in addition to enjoying the prospect of new adventures, consider how you’re going to stay safe during the long hours of solo driving. Continue reading “6 Fatigue-Fighting Tips for Long-Haul Truckers”

4 Occupational Hazards for Truck Drivers and How to Minimize Risk

It’s no secret that long-haul trucking is a dangerous career. After all, every time you get on the road as a commuter, you see accidents, poor driving decisions, and near misses. Spending even more time on the road hauling goods from one end of the country to the other leaves you with no misconceptions about your career’s relative safety.
Continue reading “4 Occupational Hazards for Truck Drivers and How to Minimize Risk”

Manage Your Truck Mirrors for Increased Safety and Visibility

The mirrors on your semi give you a view of the roadway and the other drivers around you. Well-placed, well-maintained mirrors can make the difference between a secure, successful delivery and a nightmare driving experience. Manage your truck mirrors by following these tips. Continue reading “Manage Your Truck Mirrors for Increased Safety and Visibility”

The Facts of Buying a Used Semi Truck | Arrow Truck Sales

The Facts of Buying a Used Truck

There are plenty of articles and blogs on the internet today that talk about the financial advantages of buying a used versus new heavy duty truck. Used equipment has a lower purchase cost, no F.E.T. tax, lower total depreciation cost, and higher insurance rates. For some, buying a new $100k plus vehicle is simply not affordable and buying used is definitely a worthwhile consideration. However, those buyers must set proper and realist expectations. So here are some honest facts regarding buying used equipment. Continue reading “The Facts of Buying a Used Semi Truck | Arrow Truck Sales”

Important Hurricane Safety Tips for Truckers

Hurricane season in the United States Atlantic and Gulf coasts generally begin in June and ends around November. If you must drive your truck in states in the Eastern U.S. or along the Gulf Coast, be aware of hurricane-related dangers during and after storms.

Here’s what truckers should know about hurricane safety. Continue reading “Important Hurricane Safety Tips for Truckers”

How to Prepare for Your First Summer as a Truck Driver

Truck driving offers a consistent income throughout the entire year, regardless of the weather. Most new truck drivers know to expect difficulties as they take to the road during the winter. However, just because summer doesn’t threaten black ice and blizzards doesn’t mean that summer driving doesn’t require specific precautions.

As you anticipate summer long hauls, you should take steps to ensure that you and your truck are prepared for the challenges of extreme heat and unforgiving direct sunlight for every mile of your route.

In this blog, we discuss the fundamental steps you can take to ensure that you weather your first summer as a truck driver — and every future summer as well — with as few issues as possible. Continue reading “How to Prepare for Your First Summer as a Truck Driver”