5 Ways for Truckers to Stay Healthy on the Road

Many truck drivers have serious health issues. One of the biggest health problems that truck drivers face is obesity. In fact, research shows that about seven in 10 truckers are obese. About 17 percent of truck drivers are morbidly obese, which means they are 100 pounds over their normal weight.

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How to Pick the Best Yard Spotter for Your Site

While most trucks are built to handle long hours and long distances on the road, some specialized trucks are necessary for warehouse and unloading operations. These specialized trucks are often smaller and more suited for a specific area like a warehouse or yard. One of the most important trucks for yard operations is the yard spotter.

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How Buying a Used Semitruck Saves You Money

If you’re starting out as an owner-operator truck driver, the truck you purchase is one of your first and most important decisions. While a new truck may be appealing, a used semitruck will be more affordable — and the savings it provides will help you as you get started. Here are the various ways that buying a used truck will save you money.

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Why do some owner-operators fail?

A big rig truck driving during sunset.
No business venture has a 100% success rate unfortunately. Owner-operators in the used truck industry are no exception to that face. The obstacles they face may be different than other industries, but they still incur the same risks most small business owners do. As a used truck sales company our goal is to help remove or assist with any barriers that may be in the way. Continue reading “Why do some owner-operators fail?”

Tampering With Aftertreatment Systems Puts Your Business at Risk

Modern commercial vehicle aftertreatment systems have dramatically reduced harmful vehicle emissions and helped improve our air quality. But since their initial introduction, these systems have also contributed to more instances of mechanical breakdown and therefore, downtime. Recent changes in aftertreatment technology have significantly improved performance and reduced the number of failures but still, some are leery of the potential for failure that the aftertreatment system may introduce. For example, when the truck is producing emissions in excess of what is allowed under the Clean Air Act, the aftertreatment will shut the truck down, even if it is otherwise in good working order. Continue reading “Tampering With Aftertreatment Systems Puts Your Business at Risk”

4 Things You Might Not Know About Roadside Inspections

For owner-operators, roadside inspections are an unavoidable fact of life. Even if you’ve gone through them a thousand times, you can still fall afoul of inspections if you don’t show care. On top of that, the laws regarding inspections change periodically, so that’s something else to remain cognizant of. Here are a few things you might not know about roadside inspections.

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