What clear, simple used truck buying means

Arrow Truck Sales adopted the motto “Clear. Simple. Used Truck Buying.” in the last few years to emphasize what we believe is the core value of a successful used truck sales company.

What does that mean? Former President of Arrow Truck Sales and Regional Vice President at Mack Trucks Jeff Oldham helped establish the new identity at Arrow. He spoke with us on the Successful Driver Podcast about what that phrase means to him.

“I think ultimately comes down to being customer centric. They should know what they’re buying. And the ultimately have a choice in what, where, why and how they buy,” said Oldham. “I came from the tractor industry. (In the past) You bought a tractor by going to the dealer and that’s your only choice. What’s happening now is customers have a choice. And at the same time, customers have access to a massive amount of data.”

Arrow’s initiatives are built around not hiding from information. “Organizationally it’s our responsibility to make sure that ‘Clear. Simple. Used Truck Buying.’ means a truck may have a dig, may have a dent, may have a scratch,” said Oldham. “Let’s not hide from that. Let’s make sure we truly represent the way it is and meet the customers needs. Let’s be upfront and transparent.”

The long term benefit to Arrow’s relationship with customers is hopefully earned trust and business in the future. “We can hide from something and push a deal out, but that deal will haunt us forever,” said Oldham. “It’s not our opportunity to sell one truck. How does one deal turn into the next one?”

The motto means something a little different to everyone, as we’ll see in future episodes with Arrow employees. Oldham cut to the core, though. We are taking the side of the customer, so that the customer wants to come back and work with us again.

Watch the full episode with Jeff Oldham here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJOm57sXWJ0

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