5 Useful Apps for Truck Drivers

While many truck drivers these days still enjoy using a CB radio, many of them have found that cell phones offer a convenient way to communicate with other truckers as well as those back home. Besides communication, another benefit cell phones provide are the many apps that truck drivers can download.

Learn about five useful apps for truck drivers.

  1. Truck and Travel

The Truck and Travel app is especially helpful for truck drivers who travel long distances from time to time. The app puts a lot of helpful information right at a truck driver’s fingertips. For instance, when truck drivers are on the road, they need to know where the nearest truck stop is in case they need to fuel up, eat, or get some rest.

The app contains a filter that allows truck drivers to see what amenities each truck stop has to offer, such as showers, laundry facilities, ATMs, check cashing, internet, and service bays. The Truck and Travel app also lets truck drivers know the nearest rest areas, weigh stations, truck ramps, truck washes, truck dealers, and chain motels that advertise truck parking.

  1. Drivewyze

Truck drivers are used to stopping at any and all weigh stations as they drive from one location to the next. Making these stops not only wastes fuel but can be a time waster as well, especially when truck drivers have to wait in line.

The good news is that an app called Drivewyze lets truck drivers legally bypass weigh stations at over 800 sites and in 47 participating states and provinces. Truck drivers with a high carrier safety score will be more likely to bypass weigh stations and inspection sites.

The app also lets truck drivers know what weigh stations and inspections sites are coming up ahead. Truck drivers can take advantage of the app’s free trial offer. Once the free trial ends, truck drivers will need to pay a monthly subscription.

  1. The Weather Channel

Truck drivers always need to be aware of the weather. If a truck driver knows bad weather is going to hit, they can make plans to either take a different route or find a place to safely pull off the road and wait it out. In order to stay up to date on changing weather, truck drivers should download a weather app, such as The Weather Channel.

This app provides the following weather information:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Wind speed
  • UV index
  • Sunrise and sunset
  • Visibility

Truck drivers have a choice to get updated information on an hourly, 36-hour, or 10-day basis. Truck drivers will also be able to see the latest Doppler radar so they will know if they are driving into or away from a weather event. Users can also choose to receive notifications of severe weather, including storms, tornadoes, and blizzards.

Besides The Weather Channel, other weather apps truck drivers might find useful include Intellicast HD, Storm Shield, and Weather Underground.

  1. Waze

Many truck drivers use GPS to help them navigate from one location to another without getting lost. However, it can also be helpful for truck drivers to have more information, such unusually heavy traffic or road closures.

Waze is one app that uses a truck driver’s current location to let them know more about live traffic events and other road hazards. The app even lets truck drivers know about gas prices in the area. For truck drivers who drive through large cities on a regular basis, Waze is one app that can be very useful.

  1. Lose It!

It can be easy for truck drivers to get into the habit of eating fast food or food from a truck stop, which usually aren’t very healthy options. For truck drivers who are concerned about the food they eat and want to make healthier choices while on the road, several apps can help them do just that. One such app is called Lose It!

This app helps truck drivers set daily caloric intake goals and track the number of calories they consume. The app also contains a graph to track weight loss, plus it motivates truck drivers to lose weight by letting them know they have hit certain milestones.

A few more features of the Lose It! app include:

  • Nutrition information about various foods
  • Water intake tracking to ensure adequate amounts are consumed
  • Goal setting regarding carb, protein, and macronutrient intake

The app can also produce and send reports on eating behaviors and progress as well as scan food package barcodes for information and tracking purposes.

Cell phones, along with the many available apps, make communication and navigation much easier for truck drivers. If you’re a truck driver looking for certain features in a truck that make it convenient to use your phone, we can help you find the right truck to fit your needs.